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The primary purpose of Shiloh R.A.W. (Raising Anointed Warriors) Youth and Young Adult Ministry is to call youth and young adults into lifelong discipleship; to identify the call and commitment to the family, church and the community; and to apply the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through God’s word to their lives. Shiloh R.A.W. will provide the proper background for strong, confident and educated Christian youth and young adults. Shiloh R.A.W. Youth Ministry seeks to:

  • Integrate the youth and young adult department with the church ministry as an extension of each other.

  • Reach out to those youth and young adults who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage those who do.

  • Teach, prepare and train all youth and young adults for contributing roles in life and in the mission of the church.

  • Encourage our youth to develop a meaningful and devotional prayer life.


This Ministry is split into 3 divisions:

  1. Children: 6-12

  2. Teens: 13-18

  3. Young Adult: 19-35

Shiloh R.A.W. Youth Worship Schedule:

2nd Sunday of the Month

Youth Worship Service: A service designed to empower, inspire, motivate and encourage youth and young adults to live their faith. Youth participate in praise and worship (youth style), testimonies, and powerful sermons.

TNT Bible Study

Tuesday Night Teaching: Focuses on dealing with specialized topics for youth and activities designed to help discover, develop and defend their faith in God. Small and large group centered activities challenge and energize youth to approach and deal with real life issues. Dinner is served free of charge for all participants.

Shiloh RAW Youth Ministries

  • Youth Ushers

  • Youth Choir

  • Bible Studies

  • Sunday School

  • Creative Arts Dance Ministries

  • Youth Church

  • Youth Counsel



For more information regarding youth and young adult programs and activities within Shiloh R.A.W. Youth and Young Adult Department, please contact our Youth Director, Rev. Joshua Cotten, at (860)346-8295 or via email at

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